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  • Artist Promotion

    Take advantage of our effective and results driven viral marketing campaign including all essential services. Make an impact like a star!

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  • E-Blast Marketing

    We are effectively distributing your content to labels, press, radio, TV, DJs, sponsors, investors, promoters, venues and consumers.

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  • Mixtape Hype

    We are professionally promoting your mixtape with our premium mixtape marketing service including all essential services for a results driven campaign.

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  • Cover Design

    Let our designed cover turn your project into a follower magnet. Allow us to portray your personality and your music to bring it to life with colour.

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  • Electronic Press Kit

    Look like a professional and major artist and leave a lasting impression when contacting labels, press, radio, TV, DJs, sponsors and investors.

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  • Logo Design

    The logo is the very embodiment of a brand. It's a valuable symbol. We understand the power of logos and how to combine form, colour and artistry.

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  • Social Media Videos

    We will create animated videos for your single, video, mixtape, album or event. Let our animated videos turn your project into a follower magnet.

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  • Cartoons

    Hire us as your professional illustrator and get your own custom cartoon portrait. We will design any outfit, background or accessory imagined.

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  • Video Intro

    Let our cinematic video intro turn your brand into a follower magnet. Allow us to animate your logo and/or text with animations, effects, and matching sound.

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  • Press Release Writing

    Our skilled writers will write a personalized, attention-grabbing and industry standard press release for your project to make you look like a professional.

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Client Testimonials

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We are extremely proud of the feedback we have received from our valued clients over the years for the quality of our work and our commitment to their success. Our diverse client roster includes multi-platinum, major label recording, and Grammy Award winning artists as well as aspiring and much talented up-n-coming artists in Hip-Hop, R&B, Soul, and Pop.

Here is a snapshot of some of our client testimonials:

"Yo! PR is the most professional promotion company I've worked with in my long career with 100% delivered results."

- Guru (GangStarr)

"It's a pleasure working with Yo! PR! They are effective and thorough. I recommend using them if you are serious about being heard and seen!”

- Clinton Sparks

"We at Karl Kani are happy working with Yo! PR as they’re well connected, understand the audience and always communicate and deliver fast.”

- Karl Kani

"Yo! PR is a great professional marketing and promotions company that provides impressive results. We use Yo! PR for all our projects and you should too!"

- Lil Fats

"Big respect to Yo! PR for all your help on promoting my music videos. Y'all did a great job, and I'm looking forward to continue using your service in the future. Keep up the good work! Artist of today need these types of platforms to promote their music."

- Prodigal Sunn (Sunz Of Man/Wu-Tang)

"I had a great experience working with Yo! PR! They got our project all over the Internet and provided impressive results. They are by far the best online promotion company we have came across and really helped my career to grow."

- Klass Money

"A lot of promotion companies oversell and under deliver but not Yo! PR! Working with Yo! PR has brought great attention to my label and me as an artist. Their services are well managed, organized and effective!"

- DL

"Yo! PR is the best! I use them for all my projects. I'm a veteran in the music biz an I like results... with Yo! Promotions that's what I get 10 times out of 10!"

- Big Omeezy

"It is nothing but a positive experience working with Yo! PR! Yo! PR is an extremely professional and dedicated company that is working very closely with its clients. Yo! PR sees our vision and we are excited they will be helping us build me into the number one Asian rapper in the country!"

- Smokes

"I've been working with Yo! PR for several times now and their professionalism, creativity, and efficiency are definitely a guarantee for fabulous results. Yo! PR's valuable contribution to my projects made me looking forward to work with them again."

- Apex

"Working with Yo! PR has shown us that there are still real, legitimate promotional companies that take a stake in your business and your artist. Yo! PR has shown us a high level of professionalism and dedication and has increased our presence around the world!"

- Trillogy

"I highly recommend Yo! PR! Yo! PR promptly delivers strategic marketing solutions to any target market requested. We have seen excellent results with the company and plan to continuously utilize their services when launching future campaigns for our artists."

- EvaFe

"Yo! PR is one of the most effective promotion companies I have ever worked with! They are very customer oriented and deliver outstanding services, solutions, and results in a timely and professional manner. My expected visions and goals have always been accomplished!"

- Big Hookz

"Yo! PR is the one stop shop for all your industry needs! They have great customer service, quick turnarounds and a unique and powerful way of marketing. With a ton of unique services, I highly recommend Yo! PR for all your industry needs."

- Warchyld

"Yo! PR is a super professional marketing and promotional company, which is getting your product to consumers directly and in a timely manner with very effective results!"


  "I have been working with Yo! PR for years now. There are very creative, professional and they get the job done quickly to your satisfaction."

- AZitiZ

"Working with Yo! PR has been a great experience! Since working with them, my fanbase and awareness in the music business has expanded in a major way. I will definitely advise artists to use Yo! PR if they are looking to expand their brand and business."

- Cashmere

"Yo! PR is the best music marketing company I have ever worked with! They keep an open line of communication and always provide the results as promised. I will continue to keep up a long term business relationship with them."

- Terry Bluez

"Working with Yo! PR has been a great experience from the very first start. Yo! Promotions do their best in every aspect to make a personal plan that fits you and your specific promotional needs. Their whole team is dedicated to your success!"

- Rell

"My experience with Yo! PR was excellent! They developed an excellent campaign for Hustla Jones, which has been receiving a great response. I highly recommend Yo! PR to any major and independent labels and artists!."

- Michael Mania-Bond

"Yo PR is an excellent marketing and promotion company with top of the line solutions, giving brands the needed exposure to become lucrative in today's industry."

- TMack

"Since working with Yo! PR my career has gone to another level. People have sent me messages about managing me and getting spins on the radio. In just a month and a half since the promotion started, I've seen amazing results! Yo! PR is the way to go to get your music out."

- Newmoney

"Yo! PR sevices are phenomenal! They created an outstanding EPK and Splash Page for our artist. Yo! PR is your one stop shop! They were very customer friendly and professional and their work is excellent. We're a client for life!"

- GIG Music Group

"The challenge for any start up label is getting the word out about your projects and artists. Yo! PR has been an invaluable tool on my projects! They have been responsive and understanding of my needs. I really appreciate their work and they will be part of my marketing plans on future projects."

- Sound Unity Entertainment

"Yo! PR has helped us tremendously in spreading the word about my recently released projects. I look forward to continuing to strengthen the Shelly B brand with Yo! PR. They are top notch go to professionals!"

- Shelly B

"If your looking for dedicated all around the clock hard working promotion, go no further than Yo! PR! I always work with Yo! PR because I know with them they deliver. Yo! PR is nothing short of amazing. I highly recommend Yo! PR, if your looking for 100% results and professionalism."

- Lil One

"Yo! PR is a great tool to gain further reach than your average e-mail blast. By providing custom graphics, an attractive layout and the simple fact that their brand is evident in the marketplace, Yo! PR is a no brainer when I need major exposure for my artists."

- J. Hatch

"My experience with Yo! PR has been incredible1 I'm an old school guy with new school flavor and so is Yo! PR. It has been a match made in heaven! What's hip and marketable, they give it to you. They're trend of presentation and customer service has been exceptional."

- Eturnal Music Group

"Working with Yo! PR has increased my exposure significantly! It has also taken my music career to a higher level. It is a no-brainer to do business with Yo! PR."

- J.R. Bricks

"I've worked within the entertainment business for over 10 years and Yo! PR has been the only promotion company that truly understands how to brand an up-n-coming artist. If you are connected to talent, you need to be connected with Yo! PR."

- J. McCoy

"Yo! PR operates its business with upmost integrity, poise, objectivity and genuine care which is rare in this business. Yo! PR was eager to help make my projects by connecting me with the top people in the industry. They have proven to me that their clients are truly the most important part of their business."

- H2-O

"From the jump start Yo! PR has provided me with the direction and guidance that I needed to take my career to the next level with professional marketing and promotions of my music to the right markets. Yo! PR simply provides the tools for every up-n-coming artist and established rappers as well to get maximum exposure!"

- Swazy Styles

"Yo! PR is the ish! They took my buzz to an international level. I immediately saw results when my single 'Dig Em' received crazy downloads within just a matter of hours after dropping. We will continue to release future projects with Yo ! PR."

- Chase Dinero

"Yo! PR has been as great asset to me as an artist. Their promotional strategies are phenomenal. They always communicate with their clients and offer great promotion services that took my career to another level."

- Trub

"Yo! PR is in another league when it comes to getting your project noticed. We have been very pleased with the timelines of getting our campaign up and running. We will definitely continue to work with Yo! PR on many projects to come."

- Cubed

"Yo! PR has been great! There is no way I would have been able to get those type of results and build my fanbase at the same time without the machine of Yo! PR behind me. If your in the business, make your business to get Yo! PR behind you!"

- Will Adamz

"Working with Yo! PR has been a great investment. Everything that was promised has been delivered. Yo! PR will be my go to marketing company for further projects."

- J. Gib

"Yo! PR has given me a chance to be heard worldwide. Without this kind of professional service, an independent artist doesn't have a chance! It’s good to know Yo! PR is there for artists like myself. I know that I definitely plan on using them for my next project again."

- Ominous Red

"I would like to thank Yo! PR for the great job on helping my artists gain outstanding online visibility. They are the real deal! I would recommend their services to anyone interested in professional promotion."

- Trevor James

"It was a great experience working with Yo! PR! They are dependable, professional, and truly the best in marketing and promotion!"

- Mr. 44

"I would like to thank Yo! PR for taking such good care of all of my digital promotion needsÖ Iím very pleased with the results! Communication was great and the turnaround was fast."

- Delonda Harvey

"Working with Yo! PR has been nothing but professional. I wouldn't recommend using any other promotional company. You always get interactive fans no matter what service you pick. Yo! PR can help any artist take their career to the next level!"

- DKE (Da Kid Emm)

"When you are looking for fast turnarounds for your projects, you should look no further! Yo! PR is quick and creative. They helped make our album covers and logo stand out and look professional."

- Lowkey

  "The only marketing agency I love working with is Yo! PR! They offer great promotional solutions and design work and have an outstanding customer service."

- Young Lye

"My experience with Yo! PR has been great even before signing on with them as a client. Every question that I had was answered and I was patiently walked through on how the company works and is designed to benefit artists such as myself. They provide amazing work and the exposure!"

- Deena Jonez

"Yo! PR is a great marketing company! They have a 24 hours turnaround on what every product or service needed. I would definitely recommend this company for your work."

- Styne

"If you are looking for great work and fast turnarounds, Yo! PR is the way to go! They are very professional with everything. We highly recommend their services."

- Bullpen Records

  "It has been a great and hassle free experience dealing with Yo! PR who have been really professional in their approach and would follow up and reply back in a timely manner. Their service is excellent and have pushed my music campaign further than what I expected."

- Zeal Static

"Yo! PR is my go to promotional and marketing company. They are extremely professional, easy to work with, and deliver great results. Definitely a phenomenal service for a great price. I would 100% recommend working with Yo! PR if you are looking for promotional campaigns."

- Etoc

  "Yo! PR is one of the best digital and viral promotion companies w have worked with. Providing quality service with proven results I recommend all artist, artist managers, and labels to take advantage of their awesome promotions!"

- Freestyle Records Inc.

"I've had the pleasure of working with the Yo! PR over the years, and they deliver above and beyond every time. Their ability to bring your vision to life is second to none. The professionalism and timely execution is why I will continue to work with them."

- Thadd Williams

  "Yo! PR has done a great job in marketing my second album. Everything was professionally done, and they always made sure that I promoted my album properly with new campaigns and even a dope brand video to go along with it. I couldn't have been more happier!"

- Selldretti

"Yo! PR is doing an outstanding job! Their packages generate great results. I highly recommend Yo! PR to every artist looking for outstanding promotions."

- Dalivaa

"I've always wanted to work with Yo!PR and they have not disappointed. Their services are definitely a must for any musician. Highly recommended!"

- Shinin'