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  • Artist Promotion

    Take advantage of our effective and results driven viral marketing campaign including all essential services. Make an impact like a star!

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  • E-Blast Marketing

    We are effectively distributing your content to labels, press, radio, TV, DJs, sponsors, investors, promoters, venues and consumers.

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  • Mixtape Hype

    We are professionally promoting your mixtape with our premium mixtape marketing service including all essential services for a results driven campaign.

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  • Cover Design

    Let our designed cover turn your project into a follower magnet. Allow us to portray your personality and your music to bring it to life with colour.

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  • Electronic Press Kit

    Look like a professional and major artist and leave a lasting impression when contacting labels, press, radio, TV, DJs, sponsors and investors.

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  • Logo Design

    The logo is the very embodiment of a brand. It's a valuable symbol. We understand the power of logos and how to combine form, colour and artistry.

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  • Social Media Videos

    We will create animated videos for your single, video, mixtape, album or event. Let our animated videos turn your project into a follower magnet.

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  • Cartoons

    Hire us as your professional illustrator and get your own custom cartoon portrait. We will design any outfit, background or accessory imagined.

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  • Video Intro

    Let our cinematic video intro turn your brand into a follower magnet. Allow us to animate your logo and/or text with animations, effects, and matching sound.

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  • Press Release Writing

    Our skilled writers will write a personalized, attention-grabbing and industry standard press release for your project to make you look like a professional.

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New Jersey Rapper Connie Digital Knows "When It's Time" To Get It Poppin'
Provided Service: Design/Promotion

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -- Ambitious New Jersey rhymespitter Connie Digital, who is making music since the tender age of 12, is excited to release his critically acclaimed single "When It's Time". The song is now available for your listening pleasure and is accompanied by a creative lyrics video, which you can watch below.

"My single is used to address timely events happening in the world and the grime realities we are facing," explains the East Coast rapper.

Adding, "However, with healing, raising of the collective consciousness and a commitment to greatness, we have an opportunity to manifest a brighter future. And so, 'When It's Time' to shed light on real issues, 'When It's Time' to use Hip Hop as a force for spiritual upliftment and liberation again, call me. Call me 'When It's Time' to go in, musically and otherwise!"

Over the last years, Connie Digital has cultivated his sound perfecting it in a style that is uniquely him. This edgy genre bending music has taken the digital world by storm gaining him a massive fanbase.

With a staunch at simply making good music, Connie Digital is sure everyone will relate and love his sound, no matter what age they are. His diversity and marketability has already drawn in the music industry veterans and music fans alike and is growing exponentially. He is a true original. A mixture of boldness and witty lyricism mark him as an artist who's not afraid to be different.